Monday, June 28, 2010

Born Shorvon Mc’Kinson, dancehall recording artist "LanMine" is one for the future. A native of the Riverton City Community LanMine is no stranger to struggles having worked hard to hone his writing, recording and performance skills which have earned him the respect of many musical heavyweights in the local industry.

Currently signed to Stashment Records LanMine has been steady promoting his breakout video and single "Seven Days A Week" which in regular radio rotation and was also featured on FI WI Choice Top Ten Chart Show as the song of the week.Other tracks for the upcoming talent include "Japanese Wine", "Red Light" both mixed by popular Alliance production powerhouse PayDay Music and "Say We Haffi Mek It". With the road to success full of turns and obstacles LanMine credits the likes of Bounty Killer and female deejay Macka Diamond as his inspiration to continue. "Well firstly we have to big up the general Bounty Killer, he born and grow in Riverton as well and is a real ghetto yute so from ever since we I respect him as a positive influence and then you have people like Macka Diamond now who was the first artist who call me up on a stage show and give me a chance to perform for thousands of people".

Having recently filmed and released an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) with fast rising Video Director Karl Durrant, LanMine is getting ready to explode lyrically onto the local circuit with a host of new singles and an abundance of confidence. “Musical talent is embedded in me and I see it as my creative duty to share it with the world, so look out for the name, music and the face of LanMine”. To date LanMine has worked with a number of production labels including Arms House Records, Global Appeal Musiz and of course his base Stashment Records.


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