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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just a few weeks after being released, I Eye’s video ‘Mama’s Hand’ has moved close to the top of the RETV MVP top 20 charts. At the end of last week it was at number four and, with the early positive response to the high-quality Ras Tingle video, it is expected that ‘Mama’s Hand’ will continue to gather momentum.
The interest in the video, in which the strikingly attractive I Eye goes to her former home and is then involved in a series of flashbacks involving her mother, has spread into print and outside Jamaica as well.
In action on the web, ‘Mama’s Hand’ grabbed the interest of for a Mother’s Day feature. Plus, recognising her growing listenership, I Eye now has an Italian Facebook page. This is to give to those who made ‘Mama’s Hand’ the top video in the Energy TV Under Pressure/DJ Gusma rankings in early May.
Naturally, I Eye feels “extremely good and proud”. Although she was confident in the message and quality of the song and the video, the speed of the response still took her by surprise. “That’s when I realised how people really like the song and have been watching and voting for the song,” she said, adding that it had make a leap from number 14 to four in just one week.
When she got the script for the ‘Mama’s hand’ video she had liked it right away. After looking over it twice she went on the set and was surprised when director Ras Tingle did not say anything to her as she moved. “I said to him ‘you’re not telling me if I doing the right thing?’. And he said ‘listen to me, is when I talk to you, that’s when you not doing the right thing.. If I don’t talk to you that means you’re on track’,” I Eye recalled, laughing.
She will be at the centre of another video shoot soon, for the single ‘Crazy World’. Once again she has seen the script and loves it and I Eye says she has “crazy ideas” about what to do.


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