BUZz: Elephant Man & Bounty Release New Video

Monday, June 21, 2010

Elephant Man teamed up with Bounty Killa to bring one of their best efforts in ten years. Lyrically both artistes held their own. The video follows more of what we would expect from Hip Hop artistes with a Dancehall flavouring.  Nevertheless, it is one of our favorite tunes out of Dancehall right now.  The video was directed by Gareth "The Truth" Cobran.  The single was produced by ZJ Chrome on the Mad Collab Riddim.  The name of the song is called "This is how we do it"-the single which was recorded shortly after Bounty Killer was granted bail stemming from an alleged altercation with then girlfriend. The popular tune Clarks by Vybz Kartel can also be found on the same Riddim.


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