BUZz: 21st Hapilos GOES DIGITAL

Thursday, June 17, 2010

As the reggae-dancehall economic landscape continues to slip and slide, industry-insiders have been utilizing a number of marketing strategies, including digital distribution to attract sales for their riddims and songs.

Dancehall designer and producer, Romeich Major, owner of Romeich Records and whose well-known Bank Inna Pocket Riddim has been doing extremely well locally says, "I've found that online distribution helps us save a lot of money and hassle, because we don't have to deal with the cost of getting CDs done, we simply have them marketed online by a distribution company like 21st/Hapilos."

Dancehall producer Linton "TJ" White, owner of TJ Records spoke similarly and continued by saying, "One of the things I noticed is that us, artistes or producers, sometimes only focus on the local market and forget to market the songs overseas, and buying the songs online is easier for people in other parts of the world. So far it's been going great."

ZJ Chrome of CR2O3 Records known for the breakout hit riddim, Mad Collab featuring Vybz Kartel and Popcaan's Clarks, Ricky Blaze, Chino and Di Genius' Money Round and other hits says, "21st/Hapilos distribution is one of the few companies that I can coount on for worldwide distribution in a timely manner. They seek to please the client in every way possible while ensuring the material is properly promoted. I feel comfortable with their distribution and will continue working with them."

The US/Jamaican digital distribution company cited by the producers, 21st/Hapilos, has as its executive vice-president, Johnny Wonder, who is known in dancehall circles for his marketing strategies and productions. Thus far the company, 21st Hapilos has accumulated more than 36 riddims and singles in their online marketing catalogue and the releases which represent most, if not all reggae/dancehall camps include: TJ Records' DNA Riddim, Head Concussion's Bomb Drop, Head Concussion's Go Go Club Riddim, John John Records' Zion Gate Riddim, CR2O3's Mad Collab Riddim, G-Whizz's single, Tomorrow, Demarco's single, True Friend, Chan Dizzy's Go Hard And Dun, Dynasty Records Crown Him Riddim, Romeich Records Bank Inna Mi Pocket, Seanizzle's One A Day Riddim, CR2O3 Records' Cardiac Bass Riddim, Cash Flow's Glory Riddim and more.

Wonder says, "There are some great artistes and producers in the industry and getting their music heard on the international scene is something 21st/Hapilos takes pride in, and a part of getting their music out there, is having it readily available for those in other countries who wish to purchase, then download the songs." Wonder in closing said the company has a number of upcoming digital projects including: Head Concussion Records' Jeans & Fitted Riddim (June 22), Head Concussion Records' Street Groove Riddim (June 18), Ghetto Network's Network Riddim (June 29), Ward 21 Music's Cosa Nostra Riddim: The Omerta Files (June 29) and Wayne Marshall's single, My Heart, produced by Baby G will be released digitally on July 6


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