Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Kemar "Flava" McGregor released a statement recently that alleged VP Records have been shutting down producers from having their work be sold on major digital websites like Itunes and Amazon. Flava told Caribbean Lifestyle Media, "A lot of Producers and Artists have emailed me that they are going through the same thing with VP Records. As I mentioned yesterday ...several Producers websites... have been shut down by VP Records claiming that they own the copyright to their music. On the June 10th my website was shut down by VP Records and when I contact the Host for my website they told me that my website have been suspended because they have received a letter from VP records that I am in copyright infringement and that they own the rights to my music. A week later Don Corleon was the next producer to be targeted and VP Records shut down his website for the same reasons. Also Willie Lindo is also a producer that have similar problems with VP Records. The reason why VP Records is doing this is because they want to control the whole reggae industry, they don't want Producers and Artists to be in control of their music."

McGregor's voicing via his twitter and facebook pages, highlights a Reggae/Dancehall music industry in turmoil. As producers scurry to find alternative streams of revenues, Flava stated that many are not hiring proper representation to ensure that all of their work remains their intellectual property.  There have been recent push to move into the digital era from Dancehall/Reggae insiders. The online market has seen its share of changes, online platforms like Itunes gives producers another option.  We contacted VP Records to get their perspective on the allegations.

VP Representative told Caribbean Lifestyle Media, "We are aware of these false allegations. We do not have the power to shut websites down because we don't host or own servers that host sites. We can not get music removed from Amazon or iTunes. We fight hard for our music to get feature... our genre is looked at as a sub-genre. So to say that we are involved in these malicious  acts is ridiculous. Thank you and continue to support REGGAE MUSIC"

The relationship between producers and record companies have seen its share of ongoing conflict.  As artists find alternative ways to promote and sell their music-it is important that persons remember the "business of music".  In our investigation, to explore whether or not Don Corleon's website was taken offline.  We contacted Don Corleon. His statement was direct and to the point, he did not clarify why his website was taken offline on 6/22/10.  However, he had this to say about Kemar "Flava" Mcgregor inclusion of him in the above statement, "He need to talk about the 450,000euro he stole from a man in Germany-he knows nutten about my business, not true".

With that said, it gets to be pretty interesting when you peel back the layers.  There you have decide. 

Added: 6/24/10 Sean Paul's Manager Jeremy Harding released a copy of what producer/artistes will need to do to get their exclusivity waiver requests for tunes to be placed with online merchants like Itunes.


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