Friday, May 14, 2010

The Ramon Cruz-directed clip is a studio/club-based video that is packed with energy and fun from start to finish. Searching, produced by DASECA, is a song that cleverly flips the latest dance craze - the Follow Through - into a slang in the song.

The Follow Through dance was invented by Mundo, of the famous Ravers Clavers dance clique, and has caught on like wildfire in Dancehalls and clubs across continents. With the release of the Searching video Serani hopes it will help impact the song and the dance together.

"We shot it in New York and its just a real fun video," said Serani. "We got lots of dancers and females to come and try the Follow Through and some caught it better than others! But its a dance for everyone to do as reflected in the video by girls from many different nations."

Searching will be released digitally in the coming weeks, release date to be confirmed. Serani's other dance smash - Skip to My Luu - has been getting spins on US radio and is expected to gather momentum throughout the Summer. "Skip" was released on iTunes and all digital retail stores this week.

Serani is headed to St Maarten this weekend for his first appearance there, before heading back to the US next week for more promotional appearances. He is also confirmed for HOT 97's Summer Jam Festival show on Sunday June 6.


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