TIDBITS: Raine Makes it rain with New Single

Friday, May 14, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Raine Seville is bringing the conscious showers with her new song, Nutten Nah Gwan. The track was produced by Uber producers DASECA-we were told the track focuses on the life and struggles of many in the Ghetto. The track features Wasp, better known for his hits-Cry Fi Dem and Unfair Officer.

Raine told us, "On my first meeting with Wasp, we expressed our respect for each other's music and talent and he mentioned the possibility of doing a collab with me which I agreed to. He then wrote the song and we presented it to DASECA, who loved it."

Bluepring Promotions told us-DASECA aren't the only ones loving the song as ZJ Liquid gave his praises on air when he debuted it saying, "Me have a Raine Seville and Wasp fi drop, mi rate da song yah and its different from di everyday male and female collaboration wah talk about sex. Big up Raine and Wasp and mi nuh business wah nobody waan sey mi send it a road, play it all ten times - dat mi sey." Liquid declared the track the 'Fresh to Death' song of the day.


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