JAMAICA: Miss Goodas tell us in TONY's WORDS

Sunday, May 30, 2010

By Miss Goodas

There is a tragedy occurring in West Kingston, Jamaica. Some have compared it to Genocide in Rwanda. On Wednesday night I observed some heartfelt words expressed via Twitter from Reggae Dancehall icon Tony CD Kelly. I have posted Tony's words below with his permission.

My heart has finally exploded & I'm just shedding a constant stream of tears, not only because my LiL Bro Oneil is now gone, but because WE JAMAICANS still don't get it. We have good police & soldiers in our country, & we have good people living in Tivoli also.

We were praying for Oneil, then cursing out & passing judgment on the people of Tivoli, now back to praying & mourning for Oneil again. But are we learning anything from all this constant bickering & blame game? I wonder if we realize that, if Oneil lived in Tivoli chances of this happening would have been very slim. So please, we all need to step back, look in the mirror & ask GOD & ourselves what can we do to help? If you never lived & or don't know about garrison/ghetto life, don't pass judgment on them, & you're only adding to & being a part of the problem. Instead strive to be a part of the solution. All who made it out of the ghetto, please reach back & help. Please help somebody else out. Teach them how you did it, & how Oneil did it. Because they're living under slavery, mentally & economically.

You can't change the thinking process of a person whose parents & grandparents born into the system overnight. Same way you can't change a crackhead overnight. I AM A PRODUCT OF THE GHETTO, TONY KELLY IS A PRODUCT OF THE GHETTO, so I know what I am talking about, no gold spoon here. I've been there, done that, shot people, get shot, graze several times, stabbed several times, while my mom did her best to shun us away from it all. She prayed with us almost every night, & the next morning peer pressure take control. The light went on in my thick skull twice, when I was facing prison & jail, for shooting & stealing. Twice the police gave me a chance. So I chose a better way because of my mom's actions & my ability to dream, yes dream.  Read More


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