BUZZ: HARTFORD's Capsicum Records Virtually Everywhere

Monday, May 24, 2010

YOU will not be able to walk into their office to purchase CDs but Capsicum Records are 'virtually' everywhere making deep inroads into the reggae market courtesy of internet sales-driven sites such as iTunes, Amazon, e-Music and others.

Roger Meltzer, one of the main players behind the record label, explained that he decided to go the 'virtual' route as the buying trend has shown that more and more music is being bought via the Internet. The unique thing about the label is that it started out as an Indie record label but is now making big waves in Jamaica on the Reggae

What caused the big turnaround? As Meltzer pointed out, "The first night I heard Bob Marley and the Wailers in Philly, I felt an instant connection to the music and wanted to be involved in the recording process."
His opportunity to have that dream fulfilled came about via a chance meeting with Nedeck Adams, the leader of a group called Adja, who introduced him to some big players on the reggae scene. Coming closer to home, Meltzer got involved with the Excellence In Music and Entertainment Award through the sponsorship route, confessing that he used this opportunity to introduce the new/ Reggae-In-Fusion/Sound of his Hartford-based label to Jamaican radio audiences. Determined to make an impact, he started making the rounds of the radio stations to drop off copies of the CD while here.  Read more


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