TIDBITS: Natalie Storm wants outRAGEous Action

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Hot on the heels of her success with her MTV hit "Look Pon Me ", Natalie Storm has teamed up with Shadyhill Records newest act Rage, to unleash an outrageously catchy party anthem.

"Action Mi Want
" is one of the hot songs on the brand new Hang Ova Riddim from Skatta Productions. The song is reminiscent of the good musical times of the early nineties featuring suggestive but clean lyrics from both artists. When asked about how the collaboration came about Natalie responded," We were just vibing in Prodigal studio and the melodies started flowing. Rage and I have done songs for overseas projects together before but never anything locally and this song just felt like the right energy."

The Hang Ova riddim features acts such as Elephant Man and the debut of the Fluffy Diva herself, Ms. Kitty.
For all the latest updates check out Rage at myspace.com/rage11music and Natalie Storm at myspace.com/nataliestorm


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