TIDBITS: G-Whizz Deliver for UK Fans!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-G-Whizz made his first trip England to a perform at three shows this past weekend. The three shows were held in Leeds, Eastham, and Leicester. Duo Razz & Biggy and Serani also perform on the same shows.

G-Whizz told us, "I was happy with the response at all the shows in the different areas because that was my first time there and to hear people singing all the songs word for word and asking for an encore was great. So just bless up to the fans for accepting my message and the media people who kept playing my music for me to go there for the first time and get that kind of response." Look out for the new tune and video from G-Whizz titled, "tomorrow"


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