Vybrant completes Promotional Blitz

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fast-rising reggae artiste Vybrant last week completed a string of promotional appearances following his appearance at the Magnum Follow Di Arrow stage show, as he set to make his current high-riding single Ears Hard even more popular.

The singer, whose real name is Andre Johnson, last week went on a promotional drive that saw him making several media appearances on radio and television as well as hitting the studios as he readies to release new singles. From TVJ’s Smile Jamaica and HYPE TV’s Up & Live to Miss Kitty’s popular radio show Ruption on RJR94 FM, Vybrant spread the word of his music and his work.

His charismatic nature and positive vibes flowed effortlessly throughout the appearances, and his true talent shined when he performed his trophy tune.Currently boasting top ten spots on several charts, Ears Hard is a gripping tale of yet another person who has been mowed down by the gun. The song has hit home with a sense of realness, and since its late December release, has struck a chord with radio and sound system disc jockeys.Internationally, internet radio stations in Europe have taken a liking to the tune and the equally touching music video for the single is gaining popularity and increased rotation on television stations in the Caribbean, and on the internet as well.

“The video is on YouTube, where the fans have been logging on and watching it,” says the cultural singer. “Right now, the video have more than 10,000 views and it feels good to know that the fans like my work and I’m working on more songs so they can just look out for more from me very soon,” said Vybrant. The person, who would not heed the smart words of because they would not listen to wise words of advice, and is said to have quickly made its way into sound system and radio disc jock collections because of how real and possible the scenario Vybrant paints with each bar and note of the song.

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