BUZZ: ULTIMATE's IT's My Birthday

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Ultimate, a interesting name which makes sense when you peel back the layers and see what this artiste has to offer. Ultimate recently released his latest single, It's my birthday", his PR-Rhona Fox inc confirmed that his single was the most added single on nationwide radio this week (March 22, 2010). The single is said to be a mix of Electro, House, and Reggae-released on his own label Ultimate Domination

Ultimatae had this to say "It feels great to have all this hard work finally pay off," reveals Ultimate, on his radio takeover this week. "My team and I work all day and all night, record after record. I'm glad the world is accepting and appreciating my work." Ultimate first single, "Taker me there," peaked at #44 on the Billboard Rythmic Radio Chart and #19 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart in 2009.

About Ultimate

Ultimate is a Jamaican-born singer/songwriter. Migrating to the United States and making pit stops in Miami and Houston have influenced his 'world' sound. His live stage presence is one to be experienced and he has caused a stir on many stages, including the World Beat Music Festival, the Reggae Soca Awards and the Houston Caribbean Festival.

Ultimate also headlined a London tour in 2007 and enjoys a strong following across the pond. He has made numerous TV appearances, including on Telemundo and SkyTV, and even hosted his own weekly radio show.

His first single "Take Me There" was a sure winner on radio and his success continues with his latest release, "It's My Birthday." Tune in to the sounds of Ultimate at For further information, contact Ultimate Domination Records at 1-954-326-8664 or e-mail


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