Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-While we have not been able to confirm these numbers-Julian Jones-Griffith, manager for Alliance, stated that Daseca's Genesis riddim surpassed all expectations and became the third best-selling (iTunes) album of all new Reggae album releases on day one of its digital release.

We learned that Florida's radio DJ Waggy Tee had this to say about the Genesis Riddim, "I hope we can take this whole industry back to where it was beneficial for everyone, first up the producers, any service or input I can give in this new movement to improve our music (reggae, dancehall) to make it official and proper I am willing to give assistance". Waggy Tee premiered the Genesis Riddim on his show on Miami's 99 JAMZ station last week.

Jafrican Riddim was also released on March 23, in much the same fashion as the Genesis Riddim was. We have not received the numbers on the amount of downloads as yet. However, we support this strategy in marketing for Dancehall/Reggae music. Download The Genesis & Jafrican Riddim.


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