Monday, February 8, 2010

What happens when New York cities hottest unsigned hype meets Jamaica's hottest new artist, the answer is simple pure magic. Ricky Blaze and the Holiday King Dong Dong is breaking new ground this week with the release of their blazing hot new collab entitled "So Fly". As mentioned in the intro of the song its appealing to the ladies and with a nice hip hop flow its guaranteed to be a club banger.

No stranger to each others creativity, both Ding and Blaze have collaborated before in the past, this on the hit single "Badman Forward Badman Pull Up" which was produced by Blaze who was also a party promoter / entrepreneur at the time.

"So Fly" comes on the heels of Ding Dongs other hit bound singles including Skip To My Lue, My Cup and Dont Tek Press which have been taking the dancehall circuit by storm. Since joining the booking roster of Solid Agency late last year Ding Dong's career has continued to serge, as the leader of the infamous Ravers Clavers dance crew Ding started off 2010 with performances at major concerts including Shaggy & Friends Charity Show and the Coke Zero Sean Kingston event staged some 2 weeks ago.

On the other hand well known for his pop influenced street anthem "Feel Free" Ricky Blaze has also been making his way up the mainstream ladder with a host of new recording not to mention a highly anticipated mixtape dubbed "Be Myself" which was release in September 2009. Download here

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