Thursday, February 25, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media- independent Dancehall artist Reese Badda announced the release of his newest music video, “Tear Drops” to fans, enthusiasts and industry representatives. The music video details the all too familiar scenario of love vs. lust and temptation faced by many young adults caught up in the nightlife. This music video release marks the first of 2010 for Reese, but not the last as he is already in the works to prepare for his next single, which will also be directed by Magelantic Studios (responsible for Reese Badda’s “Tear Drops” and “Nah Lie” music videos).

“Once again Reese Badda is setting the standards and raising the bar for emerging artists. For the short time that I’ve known Reese, I’ve noticed that his drive goes above the call of duty which provides him with a powerful brand that grants him fan base growth and retention while also getting the respect of his peers. Reese Badda is definitely not an artist to be taken lightly” says Geoff A. Halle, President of Urbangold Capital.

Moving forward, Reese is currently in the process of preparing to release his much anticipated debut mixtape, “This is the Future”, scheduled for release in late March just in time to start warming the place up!

About Reese Badda

In 2009 Reese began writing and voicing, with production help from Diamond Factory Studio as well as other well-known industry producers. Since then he has begun producing his own tracks and is in the process of recruiting new talent to allow proper expansion. Since his debut, Reese has released a music video, Nah Lie, and performed live numerous times. The highlight of his young career was his evening performance at the Ottawa Reggae Festival in August of 2009 in front of thousands. Since then more of Reese Badda's tracks have become available on iTunes, and he also released the sizzling mixtape sampler “Ladies First”, which is getting loads of positive chatter. Reese Badda is truly a dancehall artist on the rise. And it's easy to see why. The Badda Sound is an infectious mix of true Jamaican Dancehall, spiced nicely with North American Hip-Hop, and R&B flavours. This mixture coincides with Reese Badda's mission is to keep true to his Jamaican roots while moving Brampton/Toronto, and Canada as a whole, to finally get the respect and presence they deserve on the global Dancehall stage. With Reese Badda's confidence and natural artistic abilities this is more than possible.

Watch video here


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