Monday, February 22, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Mr. Vegas recently tweeted-it is official, he has been banned from performing in Grenada. Vegas utilized Twitter to voice his disapproval of the Grenadian government decision to ban him.

Vegas stated that he was banned because he performed his tune "She is a Ho", two years ago while in Grenada-"I performed this song numerous times" stated Vegas. He added, "for the government to say disrespect the women of that country is the silliest excuse". "If a gal take two man in one night she is a ho", is a line from the tune. This begs to ask the ongoing question of whether or not censorship has gone too far.

Mr. Vegas joins the list of Dancehall artistes recently banned. Vybz Kartel found himself in the same position last year, as did Bounty Killer when he arrived in Trinidad & Tobago last year. Mr. Vegas confirmed for Caribbean Lifestyle Media that Steve Duncan was the promoter-Mr. Duncan will either need to book someone else or suffer the losses associated with this recent issue with the Grenadian government. Vegas went on to say, this may all have to do with politics and ultimately affect the people of Grenada.


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