Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vivacious, sexy, beautiful and multi-talented, are just a few of the words that comes to mind when describing Singer/songwriter Marsha. With her vibrant personality and humble demeanor, this songstress possess' the ability to captivate without effort.

Born Marsha Morrison in Jamaica, West Indies on May 15th, this determined Taurean is well equipped to face the demands of the music industry. Realizing at an early age that writing and performing were a part of her destiny Marsha wasted no time in harnessing those skills. With musical influences like Bob Marley, Marcia Griffiths, Tina Turner, and Micheal Jackson, it's no wonder Marsha writes and sings with such passion, and has the ability to leave fans speechless with her live performances.

Her portfolio is impressive, as she has not only recorded, toured the world, and performed with reggae artist Shaggy, she has also collaborated with dancehall diva Lady Saw, and worked in the recording studio alongside Robert Livingston of Big Yard Music Group. Collaborations with Hip-Hop acts The Roots, and Bad Boy Entertainment's P'Diddy and Loon, shows the diversity of
this talented lady.

With a new album that Marsha describes as 'taking you on a journey, with a
realistic outlook on love and life' on the horizon, fans will have something
extra special to look forward to shortly. From lyrics of love on the track,
"Longing to be with you" and "Conquered" showcasing confidence in her
femininity, this album promises something for everyone.

Definitely not just a pretty face with a strong voice, Marsha proves herself as
an artist in every sense. Her strong convictions, morals, and undeniable
talent will take her where she wants to go. Her perseverance and natural
abilities will keep her there.

Conquered by Marsha by



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