Friday, February 12, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-If in 2009 everyone had Vybz Kartel's name in their mouth, then in 2010 Kartel intend on doing the same-this year the lyrical one started the year off with questions and controversy in regards to his treatment of Gaza Kim aka KYM. No one can doubt Kartel's contribution to Dancehall with a slew of hits which challenged every artiste to take a look at their delivery or in some cases, second guest their own talent.

Kartel is looking to increase his take of the pie with his latest, yet to be released album, Pon Di Gaza 2.0. Adidjaheim Records partnered with Tads Record to re-release last year's Pon Di Gaza digital album. Last year's album suffered due to lack of digital sales.

Kartel recently stated, "Double CD but never a dull moment, I think it's a beautiful effort by all concerned to put together an album of this caliber. It's laced with track after track of high energy Vybz Kartel lyrics and melodies accompanied by equally amazing beats from producers like Notnice, Russian, and Chrome to name a few. It's filled with new material as well as songs people know and love. I think this will be my best album to date."

Per Ms Raine, inc (PR).,
"We predict that Pon Di Gaza 2.0 will be one of the best Dancehall albums of 2010," states Tad Dawkins, CEO of Tads Record Inc.

Album will be available via Itunes & Amazon on February 26th, 2010 with production credits by Don Carleone, Notnice, Stephen Mcgregor, Russian, Leng, ZJ Chrome, and DJ Neal.


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