Monday, February 15, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-iNDRANi has been known for her smooth melodies and years of work behind the scenes. The Bajan talent is ready to release her forthcoming album title "Goddess Wild". iNDRANi stated “this album represents a more personal follow-up to "Most Divine," embracing shades of acoustic and alternative folk with a lot of vocal instrumentation, while chronicling a journey of love. “I've always sung about love in a general sense...this's just a lot closer to the 'bone'....closer to entire heart and soul are in this album.”

iDRANi's stated that "GODDESS WILD" represents “All of my songs are special to me, though each touches me in a different way. I don't sit down to write songs for myself (do that with Vegas and other people I write with/for - write on demand.) With the songs I choose to sing, they decide when they're ready to be born. I just surrender and ride the wave when it comes.”

iNDRANi project is an independent production, she showcased her skills by playing the guitar, live percussion, and background vocals. The album was mix and mastered by Kasey "KC" Phillips of Precision Productions. Album will be avilable via iRibbeanTunes & Itunes. For More information on (click here) iNDRANi.


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