Monday, February 8, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media would like to take this time to congratulate all the winners of EME awards. Chino who received the "breakthrough artiste of the year", alongside Jah Vinci released a string of hits such as "From Mawning", "Pon yuh Head", and "Protected".

Chino whose correct name is Daniel McGregor says, "I have to say thanks to everyone who helped me to make my success possible. One person can't do it, it takes a lot of belief in yourself and a great team, great fans and media persons and others in the industry who believe in you. So thanks to everyone and for the new year I'm staying focused and coming with a lot of hot new tracks and two albums: one for the US market and the other for Japan."

Spice also won the category of "Female Dancehall Artiste of The Year". Spice Stated,"I was off the island every weekend from the beginning of the year right up until December. People will look on and see artistes travelling and putting out the songs and think that it's easy. No way was it easy doing all that, being a mother and running two businesses, so I am extremely excited and happy about being acknowledged for the hard work I put in and I'm so thankful to everyone. I can't say it enough,"


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