Tuff Gong: Dancehall Originators Vol 1.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media- Ziggy Marley and Tuff Gong Worldwide present "Dancehall Originators Vol 1 is schedule to be released February 2nd , 2010. This album will feature tunes from the original Dancehall artistes who pave the way for the Mavado's and Kartel's today. Appearances by Chaka Demus, Yellow Man, Charlie Chaplin, General Trees and Buju Banton.

TUFF GONG: From its initial release, “Hot This Year” inspired numerous other artists, including Shaggy, Yellow Man, Buju Banton, and Chaka Demus, to use it as a basis for their own songs. It also inspired the durable and popular song “Hot This Year” by the late DJ Dirtsman, which crossed over into other radio formats.

“There weren’t that many reggae records that crossed over to R&B radio at the time, and Dirtsman’s song went from reggae radio shows to getting airplay in regular rotation on
New York stations,” recalls Phillip Smart. “So that put it in a different format and the song became a favorite in clubs that didn’t play a lot of reggae.”


The Tuff Gong label was founded in 1965 by Bob Marley, with the vision of producing, distributing and promoting his music free from the constraints of corporate label politics. In a time decades before artist-owned record labels were commonplace, the legendary Bob Marley’s vision was characteristically well ahead of its time. Now, nearly a half-century later, his dream is being realized.


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