Shaggy & Friends: Charity a success!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Shaggy & Friends charity event kicked off on January 2ND, 2010. Earlier we reported that Flow launched a channel with Shaggy to highlighted the artistes that were involved with the project. The concept was 1 ticket= 1 life. It is reported that the event was a huge success.

Shaggy launched a website to help facilitate overseas participation-website can still be accessed here. The likes of Machel Montano, Busy Signal, Cham, Tanya Stephens all showed their support to this event. The masters of ceremony was miss Kitty, Squeeze (Link up Radio), Ity & Fancy Kat, and Paula-Anne Porter Jones.

Bounty Killer who was on hand for the event, had a few choice words to say, "some a dem pussyhole ya a battybwoy dem... Dem nuh have kid dem nuh grow nuh youth". This left many with a bad taste in their mouth. Bounty Killer has since released a public apology, which is available below:

After nearly 20 years at the top of the Jamaican music industry I
have been involved in many battles - sometimes with fellow artists,
sometimes with outside forces and sometimes with the state and its
politicians. I've learnt to choose my battles wisely and the grounds
upon which to fight them.

I've also learnt when to admit I didnt choose my ground wisely and
Saturday night's Shaggy & Friends' show was one of those occasions.
With so many politicians and members of the upper echelons of
corporate Jamaica present, an audience I rarely get the ears of, I
got caught up in the moment while expressing myself. I now realise it
was inappropriate and extend my apologies to Shaggy, his sponsors,
benefactors and all in attendance who were offended by my performance.
Alliance made a pledge to donate $250,000 to the cause and we will
follow through on that promise and continue to support Shaggy and
answer his call whenever he reaches out.


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