Hawaiian artiste JBOOG add SPICE to his Reggae

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-If you are not aware of how BIG Reggae is in Hawaii, apparently you have been hiding under a rock. We were told recently by Prism Marketing Consultants that Richie Spice is currently collaborating with Hawaiian recording artiste J Boog at the Big Yard Studios.

JBoog who was born and raised in Long Beach, California stated, "Well I've been here for a week now and during my stay I got a chance to go out by Trench Town, there I saw the struggle of the people and that motivated me to do a song. I was born and raised in Long Beach California but from there I moved to Compton so I know what real struggle feels like".

Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage and veteran singer/songwriter Yami Bolo is said to be guiding this project. J Boog began his music career in 2007, met Hawaii's Reggae star "Fiji" and was inspired to visit the birthplace of Reggae. J Boog stated, "Our music in Hawaii is pretty similar to reggae music, in fact we call it Island music or Island reggae so since I began singing I've always dreamed of coming to Jamaica to experience the local culture".

At Caribbean Lifestyle Media, we anticipate an authentic mix of Reggae music once this tune is released. Purchase music from J Boog here


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