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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trinidadian producer Tony "The Mad Architect" Brown has been making strides in several genres. Recently he has seen his biggest stride in reggae. His latest production, "Lock The Block" featuring two Jamaican artist (Zeego Zarro and Viper) has been picked up by TCOO Records and has now been released on their "18 Karat Reggae Gold 2010: The Takeover" compilation. This compilation boasts of reggae super weights such as Luciano, Beenie Man, Sizzla, Turbluence and many more.

When asked about the recent accomplishment, he simply states, "I'm happy that the dancehall community is accepting of this track because I really believe it to be a good piece. I'm even happier to see nationality not play a role in what is considered good music anymore. Beenie Man had one of the biggest soca songs of the year with "Jump and Whine", and the soca world was very accepting. It hasn't always been so easy the other way around. But with the successes of artist like Collie Budzz, Matisyahu, Isasha and all the others, I think we are beginning to see a time where a genre of music is not considered good or authentic because it originated from someone of a specific heritage, or born in a certain location. Simply because it is good music, people like it these days. Maybe one day we will see the politics removed from Caribbean music altogether and we can get further as a unit than nowhere separately."

When asked what was next on the agenda at Mad Architect Music, he stated: "Well I love reggae, but I also adore soca and carnival season is upon us. So hopefully a couple remixes, a riddim and a couple singles will be ready in time to drop for the season. No promises! I've got some new people I am working with on some collaboration projects as we will see what's in the cards."

18 Karat Gold 2010: The Takeover
, can be purchased on, Amie Street, ITunes and everywhere digital downloads are sold. Also, the single can be purchased on "Lock The Block" was peformed by Zeego Zarro and Viper, produced mixed and mastered by Tony "The Mad Architect" Brown for Mad Architect Music.
Listen to the track here:


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