Raga Shanti: Mix up & Blenda at National Arena

Friday, December 11, 2009

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: Ragashanti will be inviting the likes of Mr Vegas, Beenie Man, LA Lewis for his upcoming "Mix Up and Blenda" show slated to take place on December 25.

Ragashanti, whose correct name is Dr. Kingsley Stewart, explained the concept behind the two-and-a-half year old show. "The idea was to merge Dancehall culture with comedy and the result was "Mix Up and Blenda". We wanted artistes to perform and comedians doing their sets, but we also wanted to do something different and that's how the show was born. The comedy segment incorporates stand-up routines and games. The games are a bit edgy, but they are all in the name of fun."

Raga explained: "All the things happening there will be highly unusual but they are edgy and playful and all fall under the "Mix Up and Blenda" theme and our dominant focus is on humour, so even the kind of artistes we chose also fell under that category like Black-er, Captain Barkey and Wickerman and others. Their songs all have that humorous element to them."

"It's far from the traditional comedy show and it will be on Christmas evening and there aren't a lot of things to do that night. So we encourage everyone to come out and have fun and "laugh and grow" as we say," said Ragashanti.

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