Mavado Birthday Party Venue Denied Permit?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Caribbean Lifestyle Media learned recently that Mavado's birthday bash to be held at Temple Hall Estate was denied a permit-Our understanding is that Alliance manager Julian appeal the decision. The Alliance camp stated that they started the permit process since November 3rd, 2009.

Caribbean Lifestyle Media noted that on December 3rd-An appeal letter was hurriedly put together and delivered personally to the Commissioner's Office. It was accompanied by a letter signed personally by the Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, Minister Olivia "Babsy" Grange, supporting us categorically in our appeal. Just over 2 hours later a letter was sent back to the reception area to be delivered to us. That letter stated that our appeal was denied and the decision to refuse a permit was upheld.

Here are the reasons why permit was denied:

Reasons for the denial of the police permit (copied exactly as is from the letter):

1. The Stony Hill area has been seeing an upsurge in shootings and murders in recent times.
Whilst we are cognisant of the crime problems plaguing the entire country, we staged this same event in Montego Bay on Saturday, also an area with a huge upsurge in shootings and murders in recent times and said to be a Gaza stronghold. The event was ram-packed and passed without incident.

2. The conflict with Mavado & vybz Kartel - Gully/gaza situation is of great concern as persons loyal to one or the other might create problems.
Vybz Kartel is booked to appear on Usain Bolt's show, coincidentally the same night as Real McKoy. Does reason number 2 apply to that event also?

3. The likelihood of persons from Cassava Piece and Grants Pen following this artiste to the area.
No comment.

4. The strong possibility of gun fire at this function.
The police say they have received credible intelligence that persons were planning to cause problems at the event. We are not in possession of that intelligence so we have to take and respect the word of the Police. We had planned to employ the services of a prominent private security firm, including metal detectors, armed guards and dog handlers. We were working with the Police to ensure a strong Police presence at the gate to search every single person entering the grounds.

5. The increase traffic congestion
Temple Hall Estate has ample parking and we had set up an infrastructure to ensure the quick passage of vehicles off the main road and into those fields. Any traffic on a public thoroughfare is the responsibility of the Police. We offered to offset any costs incurred to the JCF.

6. Loud noise nuisance
We cannot dispute that loud noise will occur but Temple Hall is surrounded by acres of trees and bushes. Music cannot be heard from the main road and to our recollection there are no residences within earshot of the venue.

7. The inability of the Police to effectively monitor the function
No comment

Mavado is appealing to all Gully fans and supporters to do as he is and stay focused, positive and move forward. We do not need any reprisals or disruptions at any event as this will only hold back what we are trying to achieve. We strongly advise anybody wishing to attend the re-staged party inside the Building on Saturday night to come out very early as space is very limited. One thing's for sure, its going to be a night to remember for a long time to come.

Mavado's birthday is slated to still take place on December 5th at Building Nightclub, formerly known as the Asylum on the same date, Saturday December 5th.


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