JUST IN: ALLIANCE not in UK this weekend

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-recently learned that members of the Alliance camp was booked for events in United Kingdom but promoters did not follow through with their obligations. According to Alliance management, "Due to the inability of the promoter to fulfill anywhere near their contractual obligations we regret to announce to our UK-based fans that Mavado and Serani will not be appearing at the advertised shows in Coventry on Saturday night, nor at the Stratford Rex on Sunday night. We gave the promoters, Yard and Abroad and Lloydie Peck, every opportunity up to the eleventh hour to make it happen and they simply failed. We have worked with Yard and Abroad on two previous occasions and have never had a problem, so we are baffled as to the events that have unfolded."

As you may imagine, many fans were looking forward to this event taking place. In response to this, Alliance stated "We have received many emails, calls and texts over recent weeks from the UK that thousands of fans were looking forward to the shows, which also featured Assassin and Flippa Mafia, so we know the disappointment of the fans matches ours. I can say categorically that the exact same situation has befallen Assassin and Flippa."

Mavado and Serani were prepared for the show as management stated that their work visas were issued. Management confirmed for us that "They both want their fans to know that they tried to hold out until the last minute with every hope and prayer to make these shows but it was not to happen".


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