Friday, December 11, 2009

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: Chino and the Big Ship Family have done it again! They have released the video for the number one single, From Mawning. Directed by Michael "Biggz" Burbridge, edited by Troytan and produced by Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor, the video promises to be yet another hit among fans.

"The video and the song compliment each other, and in a way it speaks of my journey in music and I'm sure the journey of others who have made it to the top but still remain humble. That's Chino; that's always been my personality and as the song says, 'I'll never change'.

The video is definitely outside the box. We went to a number of areas around Jamaica and we managed to highlight a lot of hardworking people in the video, both adults and students because we wanted it to be something everybody could identify with," said Chino.Check out the video now!
Download the HD version of "From Mawning" here!

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