Tanya Mullins Join Pyramid Entertainment

Friday, November 27, 2009

Multi-award winner Tanya Mullings piques your interest as a reggae artist. The Canadian born beauty and recent Pyramid addition comes from a family that covers several aspects of the music industry. She is the daughter of the late, great Jamaican reggae music producer and Caribana founder, Karl Mullings and sister to Caribbean music radio host Carrie Mullings. Together the Mullings have been accorded Canada's first family of reggae.

Tanya's last album 'Music Is My Life' was a dedication to her father. "Music Is My Life" was the last project my dad and I were working on together but he passed away before it was completed and we never had the chance to talk about the title," she said. "My dad used to wear this t-shirt all the time that said Music Is My Life, which I now have framed in my office. So that's how I came up with the title for the CD. It was dedicated to him."As an internationally recognised artist, Tanya has dedicated 21 years and four albums of work with the most prestigious producers in the industry covering all sub-genres of reggae and r&b.

Over the years Tanya has performed throughout the USA, Canada, England and the Caribbean where she has enjoyed warm receptions for her solid musical delivery."Performing all over helps me a lot. The vibes from the crowd brings so much out of me and makes me a better artist," she explained. "Over the years, I've had the opportunity to be on stage with some of the biggest entertainers in the business. I like to just sit back and soak up everything from them to learn more to better my craft. It's funny, some of the artist say they’re there watching me to learn and here I am doing the same."

courtesy of Pyramid Entertainment


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