Friday, November 13, 2009

With the razor-sharp delivery of her lyrically aggressive yet socially conscious brand of music, Lady Shelly continues to blaze a trail releasing her latest single entitled Welcome (C-Sol Refix). The track which is being dubbed Canada’s next Dancehall anthem addresses the struggles Jamaicans face assimilating to life in North America.

Since the online release of her full length album Karamanti Mix Volume One – Resurrection, Lady Shelly has successfully created a buzz for herself, generating an interest amongst Dancehall aficionados worldwide. Establishing her signature sound by blending powerful and controversial messages over hard-hitting, bass heavy beats, she has experienced an overwhelming response to her album.

‘To be honest, I didn’t expect the album to get the downloads it did’ explains Lady Shelly. ‘Having people reach out as a result of the music on the album, it feels good.’

Answering the call of producers and DJs in her native Jamaica, Lady Shelly has kept herself busy with requests for various dubplate projects. She has also been performing extensively since the release of the album and plans to continue doing so into the new year.

‘I’ve done a couple shows here in Toronto, Montreal and so on. I’m just going to keep doing shows across Canada. I’ve got some shows lined up in New York, Miami and Colorado for the new year. I’m going to take my show overseas later on, but for now I’m just booking within North America.’

As for her plans for the near future Lady Shelly plans to continue performing, recording new material and putting together a new album. Karamanti Mix Volume One – Resurrection is available for download at


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