BUzz: Kiprich Sign Record Deal

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dancehall artiste KipRich who was recently signed to the independent US-label, Togetherness Records in Miami is set to release his first single on the label in a few days.

KipRich, whose correct name is Marlon Plunkett, has been in Miami since late August, where he has been busily working on not only his single, but an album, which will also be released on the Togetherness label.

The still un-named new single, is a fusion of dancehall, hip-hop and techno. KipRich said, "Trus' mi di ting mad! We are working with some of the best producers and the studio that the label owns is where some of the biggest rappers come to record, so yuh know ah jus pure mad vibes and energy. We are going to be shooting the video before I come back to Jamaica in December and it ah go sick."

In an earlier release issued by CEO of Togetherness Records, Christopher Kerr, he spoke highly of KipRich saying, "We decided to sign KipRich because we were looking for a Dancehall act who we knew would be able to make it as an international act and we thought about KipRich and decide he was the perfect person for the cross-over. At first he was hanging with Elephant Man and during that time he was the main song-writer behind Ele with songs like Jook Gal and a bunch of other songs for people in the industry and his own songs over the years have been lyrically top-notch. When I look at KipRich I see a diamond in a coal heap and we are just taking it and brushing it off."

Togetherness Records previously signed Reggae artiste Anthony B, and was responsible for his international career. While there, Anthony B released the album Unstoppable, which featured artistes including Wycliff, Bone Crusher (with the song Lighter), Snoop Dogg and others.

KipRich, who has been a solid songwriter for a number of Dancehall artistes throughout the years, including Bounty Killer, Elephant Man and others, was previously introduced to the international landscape with a song he penned, Jook Gal featuring himself, Elephant Man, Twista and Youngbloodz.

He says, "A lot of people know how versatile I am, but a lot of people are going to be surprised about the level I can take it to. I don't want to let anything out the bag yet, but 'memba mi tell yuh, the people we are in negotiations wid, di song dem naw go normal."

Fans can catch the new international artiste, also known as the 'Nuh Behaviour' king, on the MAGNUM '10 LONG 10 STRONG' concert when he returns to the island in December!

*Courtesy of Blueprint Promotions


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