Jason Lyrics: Musical Journey

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Born in the Land of sunny skies and birth place of the man who introduced Reggae to the world (Bob Marley), Jason was destined to sing, his mother jokes around that his cries sounded like a melody, so she didn't mind his wailing. He spend his school years joining every talent contest, every choir and chance to make his voice heard.

As a young man he joined a trio "Impaq" that made some waves as they performed at stage shows and even dabbled in radio to take advantage and promote themselves. Life being what is it, they parted ways but to this day all remain friends.

As a solo artists Jason Lyrics spread his wing and his music was soon heard on radio stations from New York to Japan and so began another journey...

Jason Lyrics is a very talented musical artist that has performed alongside Sean Paul, Turbulence and many more artists. He prides himself in doing what he loves without having to conform to what people expect of reggae music.

Since music runs through his veins, singing was not enough for him, so years ago he bought a little keyboard to do the music that he loved. He now spends most of his days and night in a fully stocked studio making all genres of music, he was once asked what kind of music he made, to which he answered "The kind of music I make? lol The Musical kind ".

And that sums up Jason's Lyric take on music.

Jason Lyrics loves the ladies, check out his remixes with
Tifa "Why" http://tweetafile.com/ma
and Queen Ifrica "Lioness On The Rise".http://tweetafile.com/mh

For more on this artist visit www.JasonLyrics.com, myspace.com/jasonLyricsMusic and follow him at twitter.com/JasonLyrics.

Here are some videos of past performances.

Jason Lyrics performing at the Atlanta Spring Break with Sean Paul headlining:

Jason Lyrics performing in Connecticut with Turbulence headlining:

Jason Lyrics at Aya Higuma's 5th Annual Reggae Fest:

Jason Lyrics in studio/demo:

Jason Lyrics - WarHead Riddim - In my life :

E-mail worldflavas@gmail.com for more information and/or drops.

Courtesy of WorldFlavas.com


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