Introducing Mona Lisa

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elylesa Foster A.K.A Mona Lisa, born on January 24, 1985, the baby of a family consisting of twelve brothers and sister to compete with, has helped her to learn how to demand and grab attention no matter the situation.

A developing dancehall DJ from Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica, Mona Lisa attended the Negril All-Age School and then Green Island High School. She is a talented, energetic and creative young lady, who is rapidly making a positive impact on the dancehall industry.

Being around her older brother Gregory Foster A.K.A Mr Peck Mad Flava, who is also a reggae dancehall artiste, Mona Lisa has imitated and emulated her brother leading her to becoming the diverse person she is today.

Getting the urge to become apart of the dancehall industry at the early age of thirteen she has managed to perform at schools and functions in and around her community where she entered her first DJ contest and won a certificate and a cash prize. Eventually she got recorded her first song professionally at the age of seventeen.

Blessed with the ability to write and DJ her own songs she attracted the public by having her first single, entitled “Mama I Love You”, which was released on the Jah Freedom Label, played on radio stations throughout Jamaica.

As Mona Lisa started to become more popular and recognized as an artiste she decided on joining the group B.I.G Family (Mona Lisa, Mr. Peck and Silver-kid). The group was featured at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night in 2000, Teen Splash, Negril Madness, Fully Loaded, TVJ Heineken Summer Beach Party, The Teenage Observer Launch, Spring Break Negril 2003 as well as TVJ’S Smile Jamaica, Morning Time and Reggae Trail.

With continuous development and a mind set of complete dedication to the dancehall industry, Mona Lisa left the group and decided on working on her solo career. Mona Lisa has been tirelessly working on her career and new songs ever since and has been promoting herself and performing at events across the Island.

She entered the first Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Dee-Jay and Sing Jay Competition 2008 and with her quality and invigorating talent managed to gain attention and recognition locally as well as internationally.

Displaying original, hype as well as conscious lyrics throughout the competition her level of popularity was greatly extended to the point of her being one of the publics’ favourites. Being placed second in the competition has impacted on her life in the most positive way ever, not only has she gained exposure but it made her embrace and develop her career to a higher level. Mona Lisa is aiming to become the next top female reggae artiste coming out of Jamaica and bringing her music to the world.


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