Chino and Alaine: Secret Lovers?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dancehall artiste Chino and Alaine have released a new sultry single, shich is sure to raise more than a few eybrows.
The new single, Secret Lovers, pays homage to the love Chino and Alaine's two characters share, but more so keeping it a secret in the rough-and-tumble world of entertainment.

Should we believe what we hear?
According to Chino whose correct name is Daniel McGregor: "Me and Alaine mad cool. We have mutual respect and love for each other. She is extremely talented and the feeling is mutual on her part ;hence us doing this song was very easy and natural."

In the meantime, Chino yesterday shot the medley video for From Mawning and Pon Yuh Head, both of which have been heavyhitters in radio-land. He says, "I'm immensly greatful for that because both songs were on the charts soon after they were released and the public, both here and abroad love the songs and it shows when I'm performing them live. So ah jus' nuff blessings."

Both videos, which were directed by fellow Big Ship member, Biggz, are set for release in a few weeks. Download here


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