DJ Roy Set to Infuse 'Like Father Like Son' with Dancehall Vibes

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's going to be an all-out roadblock affair on Saturday, November 7 when top Caribbean radio personality DJ Roy touches down in York College's auditorium to lace patrons of the hit play "Like Father Like Son" with straight Dancehall and Lovers Rock vibes.

For over two decades, DJ Roy has contributed to the growth of Reggae music through out New York and the tri-state area. Through his sound Road International, key position on IrieJam Radio and other pivotal roles, DJ Roy has thrived as a purveyor of Caribbean culture. With these many accolades and the success of his stint during Irish and Chin's staging of Bashment Granny 2 in Queens, New York, DJ Roy will again serve as an ideal source of entertainment.

DJ Roy whole-heartedly converted Irish and Chin's last theatrical effort into a full-fledged bashment, inspiring all in attendance to sing and party. The patrons were so entertained that they didn't even realize the play started a little late. And during the intermission, DJ Roy continued the momentum with a soundtrack of hits, causing the cast to extend his set by more than 15 minutes. Inevitably, the word got out on DJ Roy's impressive performance, as numerous play promoters have since contacted him.

"I believe in thoroughly entertaining patrons and giving them more than their money's worth," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin, Inc. "Sometimes, in order to grow, one has to step outside of the box and take chances."

Irish and Chin's innovative concept of combining dancehall and theater has proven to be quite a hit, as in June 2009, the leading promotions company staged the tri-state area's largest and most talked about production of Bashment Granny 2. This was Irish and Chin's first major step at expanding their brand to include various facets of Jamaican culture. Since then, the promotions duo has scored a new fan base. The exciting, witty play "Like Father Like Son," which features the cast of Bashment Granny, will be a complete evening of entertainment for people of all ages for more reasons than one.

*courtesy Irish & Chin


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