Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internationally acclaimed gospel recording artist Carlene Davis is now gearing up for a hectic Christmas season following the release of her brand new album entitled "True Worship" recently.

The album which was officially released in New York last week Tuesday by VP Records features 13 glories songs each with its own distinctive message of inspiration, worship and praise. Currently True Worship is also available for purchase in the digital realm on a number of popular online music retail stores including I Tunes, and

According to Tommy Cowan Founder of Glory Music the record label responsible for managing and producing Davis album she will be promoting two songs in particular. "Well firstly this album features all new songs, VP Records are on board as distributors of the album alongside their U.K subsidiary Greensleeve Records who will be responsible for the European Market. Currently we are promoting two singles off the album and they are "Blue Water" for which a video is currently out and the other is "Handful Of Salt" which we looking at for the second single".

Amongst the host of songs featured on the track listing are "Healing Is The Children's Bread", "After All I've Been Through", "Open Book/ In You Lord", "Give Thanks" and "God Has A Way". True Worship is also available for purchase in Canada. Though already in circulation locally the album is expected to hit Jamaican music shops early November.

Download Blue Waters

Download Hand Full of Salt


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