Biggest One Drop Anthems: 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

VP Records released their Biggest one drop Anthems for 2009, October 6th.

VP Records:
The Biggest One Drop Anthems 2009 features the top roots reggae hits that have dominated global reggae charts in 2009. Showcasing the top exclusive tracks, monster Jamaican hits and UK smashes, the highlights of this compilation are: Da’Ville “Missing You Right Now”, Capleton’s “Acres” and Gappy Ranks’ “ Heaven In Her Eyes” - just to name a few. As the fifth edition in the series, this CD presents a snap shot of the key artistes in the genre with hits across two continents. As usual, the Biggest One Drop Anthems 2009 highlights Greensleeves’ on-going efforts to provide authentic reggae vibes on its compilations.


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