Elephant Man Celebrates Birthday

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The energy god, Elephant Man will be celebrating his earth strong this year with a September 12 Birthday Bash at popular entertainment venue Mas Camp.

According to Chris "Icey Jace" Campbell Public Relations Representative at Solid Agency organizers of the celebratory bash, fans should come out to dance and party. "Well firstly Ele's Birthday Bash will not be a stage show and we want to make that clear from the get go. Instead it will be a party like atmosphere complete with a large dance floor and flashing disco lights. Elephant Man has been in the business for over a decade and is responsible for some of the hottest dance anthems so he proposed a party where people could dance and enjoy themselves versus a stage show".

In confirming what patrons can expect on the night Campbell disclosed the names of the Sound Systems who would lead the musical charge. "Patrons can expect to enjoy musical juggling from Stone Love, Renaissance, Copper shot, Vertex and Bloodline, the first 100 ladies will enter free of cost and based on Ele's contribution to the dancing fraternity we are expect any and everyone who is a dancer come out".

The event which is title sponsored by Jagra will no doubt attract a number of entertainment figures and media personalities some of who played an influential role in Elephant Man's illustrious career. Other sponsors of the event include Coca Cola Zero, WATA, Hype TV, RETV, Fame FM, Zip FM, IRIE FM and Solid Agency.


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