Thursday, September 3, 2009

New York based reggae recording artist Duane Howard and Jamaica's very own singer extraordinaire Junior Kelly will be looking to make their latest single collaboration dubbed "How She Like It" a mainstream hit this Christmas.

According to Renea "Lola B" Wright publicist at Reign Time Records the label responsible for Howard's introduction into music, Reggae is back on the rise. "Well the song was recorded in July while Duane was visiting the island, himself and Junior Kelly went in studio and worked their musical magic and the track was birthed. Duane is a very versatile artist, he sings raps and even deejays which give him an edge and now that reggae music is now coming back to the forefront this song has alot of potential to be successful".

Having made his name in 2001 with the chart topping hit "Love So Nice" Kelly has proven himself time and again to be the real deal. In 2005 he launched his VP Records album Tough Life which featured the highly popular love song "Receive" and if that wasn't enough he impacted the U.S crossover market years later with "I'm Missing You" alongside the sexy diva Barbee.


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