Bounty Killer records “Love this Life” with Haile Selassie relative‏

Monday, September 21, 2009

Alliance CEO Rodney Price AKA Bounty Killer has recently recorded a remix for songstress Sheba Sahlemariam single “Love this Lifetime.”Sheba, the cousin of Emperor Haile Selassie, did the single late this year and could not see a more perfect fit to remix this single than the Ground God himself.

Showing a different side of Mr. Price it once again underlines his versatility.Bounty’s inclusion on the single has brought renewed excitement to the project, with Sheba now in Jamaica to shoot the video for the single.“Jay Will is director of the Love this Life,” said Sheba. “I know he is going to make a big statement with this video as he has done with so many before. We are hoping it is going to revolutionize how videos are done and with the incorporation of Mr. Price we are looking forward to the end product.”The video was completed over the weekend and will be ready to air in the coming weeks.


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