Introducing Duane “D-Wayne” Howard

Monday, August 10, 2009

Being born with a gift is one thing. Recognizing and utilizing that gift to it’s full potential is another. Born in Brooklyn, New York to Jamaican parents on October 9th 1988 is Duane Howard also know as D-Wayne.

Duane demonstrated a talent for playing the drums and singing at age six. He admits that music is his first love. He possesses an infectious voice; and electrifying yet silky smooth is the best way to describe Mr. Howard’s voice and style. With roots firmly planted in Jamaica while at the same time being raised in Brooklyn allowed Duane to come into contact with a variety of styles that spans across genres. Duane was inspired musically by the likes of Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, he is inspired Spiritually, by his mother and father, and inspired emotionally by his siblings and cousins.

Variety is the spice of life and Duane was blessed with all the elements that make for a well- rounded artist. He is a versatile performer capable of captivating any audience with his electric brand of hip-hop, his smooth infectious brand of reggae and his sensual brand of R&B. Duane started singing in Church and eventually performed at talent shows, and school concerts. He has worked with producers such as Ed Robinson in New York, and Dr. Marshall in Jamaica.

Duane has been approached by many producers requesting that he focus on one genre, however Duane clearly indicates that he does not want to be placed in a box. He does not want to be known as Duane the pop singer or Duane the R&B singer. He wants to be known as Duane the artist.

Duane is an extrovert with a warm personality and engaging smile; he has the ability to hypnotize people of all ages and backgrounds. He wants his music to be viewed as a coalescence of various experiences, times, emotions and moods. When he writes his entire aim is to pull on heartstrings, in other words, to touch the human emotion. He does this whether he is singing a jovial song or a sad song, a song about life or a song about love. Music is Duane’s first love, and he made up his mind a long time ago that nothing would get between him and his musical destiny. His intention is to break all boundaries and to touch the four corners of the earth.

You will be mesmerized by Duane “D-Wayne” Howard.


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