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Thursday, August 20, 2009

In light of Beenie Man's recent comments regarding his "invitation" for the Alliance to perform at his show this Saturday we just wanted to balance a couple of issues..... "Beenie himself came to me at Champions in Action and asked me if the artists would be available for his show," said Alliance management's Julian Jones-Griffith. "I'm not sure why he is saying he sent someone to ask me when he himself came to me. And genuinely every artist will be off the island this weekend. I'm in Japan right now with Mavado, Killer and Serani will also be away. A member of Beenie's promotional team contacted my office a couple of months ago asking if Serani would be available but he was already booked in advance.

There was no request for Killer or Mavado back then and when Beenie asked me on Saturday they were already contracted for overseas engagements. So for him to say we 'refused' his invitation to unity is putting a negative spin on the situation to say the least." Cynics are saying Beenie is just using this ploy as part of the intense damage control media campaign both he and Vybz Kartel have undertaken since they were unceremniously booed at Champions in Action. Beenie Man, who did a song called "Gaza mi Seh," declared himself the Gaza Emperor and counteracted Mavado's Mock and Toast is now insisting he isnt saying Gully or Gaza he's saying "Jamaica" and calling for unity. Thats an admirable thing to do, but why the sudden change of the run-up to his show? And as for the accusation that the Alliance carried people to Champions to boo Beenie is laughable and not worth another word.

They got booed at one stage show and have spent the days since then having their publicists running around like headless chickens with denials, accusations and distractions. Its not that big of a deal but they are only damaging themselves by drawing it out for days like this. The Alliance sends its congratulations to Usain Bolt, Shely Anne Fraser, Brigitte Foster-Hylton and the rest of the Jamaican athletes that have captured the imagination of the world with their supreme performances in Berlin. And all the best to Beenie with his show.


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