Theater Meets Dancehall, a Hit in New York

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Recently, well known dancehall promoters Irish and Chin, Inc. took on a promotion outside of their norm, the play Bashment Granny 2. After three months of intense promotions, Irish and Chin's staging of Bashment Granny2 on DJ Roy Sunday, June 28 was sold-out! In fact, their staging of the play was the largest in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). Hours before the play was scheduled to begin, a two-block line wrapped around Amazura in Queens, NY. While Irish and Chin prepared for a great turn out, in no way did they imagine such large attendance and enthusiasm. Seated tickets were sold out at every outlet at least 3 days before the play. Never-the-less, on the day of the event, patrons found no problem purchasing standing-room-only tickets at the gate.

With the immense dancehall vibes flowing through the venue and a cash bar, the spectators were pleased with their investment. DJ Roy of IrieJam radio took the atmosphere to another level, as he turned the venue into an all out jam session. Dropping top selections, which ranged from Gospel to dancehall and R&B, DJ Roy's playing was impeccable. The audience grooved to the sounds while in their seats and standing until the play's start. Of course, it was only right for DJ Roy to lace the place with a thorough tribute to Michael Jackson. DJ Roy did such a good job at entertaining the massive before the play started, that the audience requested that his performance during the intermission be extended.
What made this staging a huge success, is clearly the way in which it was marketed. The promoters strategically chose to stage, market and promote Bashment Granny 2 different from that of a traditional play. Irish and Chin put their unique spin on the event, promoting it in a dancehall manner from venue selection and advertisements to a heavy street presence. The audience truly enjoyed their Bashment Granny 2 experience, which was a fusion of dancehall and theater. Irish and Chin's bold step outside of the box proved to be hit. To date, the company's accomplishments include dancehall events, management and theatre. This recent promotion has opened the door for future opportunities and further exposed the Irish and Chin brand.
PHOTO: DJ Roy of IrieJam Radio


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