Spanner Banner Drops Rolling Stones Video

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reggae singer extraordinaire Joseph Bonner aka Spanner Banner is getting ready to drop his new music video, which was done in support of his latest single Rolling Stones. Rolling Stones is the lead single from his latest album I’m A Winner. The video was directed by top flight video director Nardia Rose. It was shot at various locations across Kingston such as Harbor View, Rockfort, Barbican Heights & Pallisadoes and features a cameo appearance by his younger brother reggae superstar Richie Spice. It will be released to television stations island-wide before the end of the week. The video is already creating a buzz on

Spanner Banner’s record and management company Bonner Corner Stone Music is also getting ready to release his album on CD. The album was originally released digitally on May 12th through leading online distributor Zojak Worldwide and Bonner Corner Stone Music. Now it will be available both locally and overseas on CD as of Monday July 6th, through Bonner Corner Stone Music, VP Records and Tads International records.


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