Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its been a while since Portmore deejay Slash has been in the publics eye but if his new single "The Truth" is anything to go by then dancehall critics will soon have alot to say about the still up coming artist.

More popularly known for his 2008 smash hit single "Hate Me For" Slash is now promoting what he believes is a song Jamaica needs right now. "Well firstly I think when people hear the title "The Truth" they will give the song a listen because people naturally want to hear di truth. I was driving when I first came up with the song. I neva really like how dancehall critics always try portray all artist as voilent war mongers and dont point out that we are not the one's responsible for the crime in Jamaica so I made a song about it".

The song which was recorded on the Unruly Riddim produced by Vigor of House A Star Records takes listens on a social economic look at what Slash describes as an oppressive system of governance.

"Right now I would love for the disc jocks to give this song a listening ear because some time alot of good music go unnoticed. Every garrison community I've been to love this song but I still waiting for the radio jocks to bring it to the people so they can hear the truth.Slash says he plans on bring more positive music to the table. "I have alot of positive messages I want people to start hearing so I asking the gate keepers to free up the airwaves".

In other news Slash born Dwayne Knight is expected to travel to europe later this year for his second consecutive tour of France and Spain.


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