'Ramping Shop' Hits the Billboard Charts

Monday, July 13, 2009

After protests and bans from the Jamaican authorities because of what they claim were 'the evils' associated with the mega-dancehall hit, Ramping Shop, it seems those in the US have ignored the local furor and plunged neck-deep into 'ramping' up a storm. So much so, it is still one of the hottest songs on the international scene and as such, debuted in the number 96 position on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts a few days ago.

The song which was done by the Dancehall diva, Spice and ace-deejay, Vybz Kartel has in recent months heated up the US mainstream airwaves especially on the well-respected Hip-Hop station, Hot 97 FM - which no doubt helped to propel it unto the charts.

Spice, who was understandably happy with the new success of the controversial track said: "I am extremly happy at the success and so overwhelmed because it was banned here in Jamaica and there were a lot of people fighting against it. I just need them to stop doing things like that, because the song is loved right across the world and they embrace it, so why shouldn't we? This is my first Billboard song and I can't explain how great it feels. We worked really hard to promote it and now the work is paying off. I have to say thanks to the writer, Vybz Kartel, because he was the one who came up with the concept and approached me and the song was very well done. Also thanks to the fans, because if they didn't love it or consistently request it on the New York stations and other US stations, we couldn't be here now. This is only the beginning for Spice."

Spice returned to Jamaica on Saturday after shows in Trinidad, St. Maarten and New Jersey and wasted no time in checking up on the happenings in her newly-opened store, 'Spicey Couture'. Spice will then begin to make preparations for her Sumfest performance which will take place in a few days in Montego Bay.


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