'Nuh Behaviour' Squad Formed

Saturday, July 11, 2009

In preparation for the August release of his clothing and jewelry line, "Nuh Behaviour - (A Life of Rebellious Style)", dancehall artiste KipRich has formed the 'Nuh Behaviour Squad'.

"It's really going to be a Nuh Behaviour summer. There will be the clothing and jewelry line, I released the song called Nuh Behaviour and the video will be coming soon
and there is also a dance. Now there is the squad which has a whole bunch of people in there. There are dancers and a few upcoming artistes in there who I'm giving a strength to for 'Nuh Behaviour month' (August). When we say 'nuh behaviour' it really means doing your own thing and doing unexpected things where you set the trend but you don't follow. The squad has some good artistes who can do dem ting and dem sound different but good - dem set dem own trend," said KipRich.

Also linked to his 'nuh behaviour' lifestyle is his new release on the House of Stars label, Sex Ride. The title of the song says it all. KipRich laughs and says, "They call me the 'drama king' because my songs always talk about the things that people do and think; so this song just talks about what men think when they see a sexy woman." The song is an undeniable dancehall hit.

KipRich's recently released Baby Mama Drama and Nuh Ugly So (feat. Black-er) continue to maintain their presence on local and overseas charts.


Click here to download "Sex Ride" (RAW)

Click here to download "I Will Survive" (RAW)

Click here to download "Tight So" (RAW)

Click here to download "Right So" (Clean)


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