Friday, July 17, 2009

With this year marking his second official booking on the annual Reggae Sumfest showcase dancehall deejay Demarco is amped and ready to represent and according to Demarco his fans can expect a little bit of everything this time around.
"Well firstly I can tell you that I plan to go hard this year on sumfest, I will definitely be performing some of my hits songs from "Fallen Soldiers", "Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten" to "Standing Soldiers" and "True Friends" which has been blazing up the radio and in the dancehall but look out also for some new tunes".

As far as sumfest attire goes Demarco says he plans to keep it simple but stylish. "I dont normally go over board but mi like fi keep the ting on a level so you know seh is Carlton Brown ago design the sumfest suite".

In other news Demarco who is a member of the Solid Agency artist roster is said to be busy promoting some of his new songs for the summer namely, "Bees Hive" and "How she so hot".


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