Alliance steals the show‏

Monday, July 27, 2009

Calls, texts and emails have been pouring in from around the world 
with the news that "Bounty Killer tek Sumfest." From the moment the
MC introduced Bounty the huge crowd illuminated Catherine Hall with
torches and lighters. From start to finish the 5 Star General
received nothing but love from everyone present, wether Gully or Gaza.
With some speeches that connected with the hearts and minds of all in
attendance at Sumfest's Dancehall night, coupled with scorching
intros and lyrical delivery, it was Bounty Killer at his supreme best
when many were hoping he would fail.
"A me mek Gully and a me mek Gaza, a me own the plaza" said Bounty in
his inimitable way. "See Michael come dead and dem a big him up, me
want my own when me alive, a me a di man who start it!" he added as
the crowd saluted him in unison.

"Certain artists in this business are like columns," said one patron.
"Bounty Killer is a column and he proved that tonight. Killer a di
boss! Nobody did a look fi Grung Gad tek the show over everyone else
but thats exactly what he did!"
Displaying a maturity and insight befitting of an icon of his
stature, Bounty's performance will be remembered for years to come.
Towards the end of his set he also called on upcoming DJ Wasp who
received huge forwards for the 2 songs he performed before leaving
Bounty to bring the house down with "Just mek a duppy wid mi nine" on
the Sixteen riddim.

Up next on the Anger Management band was Dancehall megastar Mavado,
fresh from being bestowed with another accolade from the Urban Music
Awards. Mavado proved he is in the elite of Dancehall legends after
only 4 years in the limelight, a feat achieved by very few. Catherine
Hall was packed with Gully fans and Mavado was given a huge reception
as he stepped out, that continued throughout his performance.

Gully God released hit after hit from his astonishingly deep
catalogue, before calling out Flex on the Movie Star riddim. Flex
underlined his status as one of the real upcoming talents as the
crowd roared their approval for his "Swear and I will never" track.
Next up was Einstein who's "Get Gal Easy" was received well. Chase
Cross stepped out on the Clearance riddim, proving "who's next from
the Gully." The audience simply went wild. Mavado raised the
temperature with "Money Nuff," exiting the stage before the audience
demanded he return for one more explosion, which he delivered with
Again and Again.

Earlier Alliance affiliate Kip Rich also rocked the crowd, garnering
him plenty of plaudits from the audience and media.

As the Alliance juggernaut rolls on to James Bond Beach Sunday for
Fully Loaded, the world is left saluting Bounty Killer's performance
and his legacy of giving life to the next generation of Dancehall
stars such as Mavado, Elephant Man, Busy Signal and Vybz Kartel to


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